“Green University”

Sumy State University realizes the importance of global challenges facing humanity nowadays. We also realize that sustainable development, improvements in the quality of life and ensuring of national security are only possible under the conditions of economical use of natural resources, preservation of ecosystems, maintenance and improvement of environmental quality.  It requires consolidation of efforts at all levels, from international cooperation to each person’s actions. That’s why we believe that we should do our best to make our activity contribute to humanity’s sustainable development.

Actions in the university’s activity aimed at the minimization of the impact on the environment and the influence on people

Minimization of energetic resource, water and raw material consumption:
– minimization of electric energy consumption;
– minimization of thermal energy consumption;
– minimization of water consumption and volumes of wastewater;
– minimization of paper usage and volumes of paper waste removed to the landfill.

Campus landscaping:
– Territory of educational sites;
– Territory of the “Univer” recreation centre;
– “Basivkiy” landscape art memorial park.

Improvement of work and study quality, staff health improvement:
– ensuring microclimatic parameters in the workplace;
– ensuring drinking water quality;
– opening of a health and recreation resort.

Participation in projects, work with partners, social activity:
– participation in international projects and programs;
– cooperation with state and local government;
– cooperation with the industrial sector;
– development and optimization of the network of nature reserve objects and ecological borders of the oblast; ecosystem research;
– social activity.

SSU is included in the top-200 world university ranking according to the UI GreenMetric 2013 international ecological ranking and is the first and the only Ukrainian university to be included in this ranking throughout the project’s 4-year-long existence.

In late 2013 Sumy State University became one of the seven universities to be supported by the European Investment Bank in the “Energy efficient university” project.

University’s environmental activity is voluntary and is held under the principles of openness and transparency.